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Elgar TerraSAS : Specifications
AC Power AC Input Voltage: 115V (for DCS) 208VAC three phase Std, 400VAC and 480VAC three phase are optional (Input current depends on power rating)
DC Output

Open circuit voltage, Voc: 0 - 1000VDC
Short circuit current, Isc: 0 – 1000A
Maximum output power at MPP: 1MW
(Lower voltage ranges will provide proportionately
higher currents) 1-6 channel output, consult factory for
additional channels.

Programmable Parameters Irradiance level: 0 to 2000 W/m²
Temperature: -40 to 90°C
Temperature Coefficient: 0 to -65,000 mV/°C
Simulation Times: 0 to 65,000 seconds
Isolation relay and polarity relay closure
Accuracy Voltage Readback: 0.2% of rated max voltage Current Readback: 0.5% of max current
Programming Interface Ethernet with RJ-45 connector / LAN
AC Input Connections Finger safe, pressure type connectors three phase AC four wire plus safety ground stud AC input circuit breaker
DC Output Connections Finger safe, pressure type connectors positive and negative
Safety The output isolation relay operates as a disconnect relay in the event of a malfunction or an open interlock contact
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Output Voltage and Current Ranges
Power 1.2 kW     RMS P-P DC Leakage Current
80Voc Isc=15A     4 mV 60 mV  
Power 5 kW 10 kW 15 kW      
600Voc Isc=8.0A Isc=17A Isc=25A     335mA
1000Voc Isc=5A Isc-10A


10 mV 600 mV <3.5 mA per chassis
Scalable (MPPT) 1000W to 1.0MW
Response to MPPT Up to 120Hz
Current Slew Rate 3msec/A
Control Loop Sampling Rate 1usec / 10kHz
Static and Dynamic Programmable PV Array Parameters
Irradiance Level 0-2,000W/m2
Temperature -100 to +100*C
Voltage Level 0-600/1,000V 80V - Consult factory for other voltages
Current level to rated output current 0-Rated Output (see MPP Chart)
Voltage Temperature Coefficient 0 to -2% / *C
Arbitrary VI Curve Up to 4096 data points
Programmable Setpoints
Voc 0-Rated output voltage
Fill Factor 0.5 to 0.95
Vmp 0-Voc
Imp 0-Isc
ISC 0-Rated output current
Over Voltage Protection (OVP) 0.1% to 110% of Voc Max
VI Curve Set Point Accuracy
Voltage <0.1%, FS
Current <0.5%, FS
Programming Resolution
Programming Resolution <0.002% of FS
Voltage / Current <0.002% of FS
Programming Resolution
Voltage <0.1%, FS
Current <0.5%, FS
Output Sampling Rate 100usec
IV Curve Update Rate 1sec
IV Curve Interpolation rate 7.8msec
CC 0.05
Temperature Coefficient
CC 0.03
Programming Resolution
Simulation PV Array Channels 1-250
Preloaded Formula LUFT
SAM Database Over 100 pre-loaded PV Panels, Series & Parallel capability